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Summer Camp 2023
16th - 30th May,2023

Summer Camp 2023


We're thrilled to share the amazing experiences of the Summer Camp 2023! From 16th to 30th May 2023, our students embarked on a thrilling journey of exploration, skill development, and pure joy.


Our young mathematicians delved into the captivating world of the Abacus, embracing interactive exercises and innovative techniques for lightning-fast calculations. Their progress and enthusiasm were truly awe-inspiring, leaving us amazed and proud.


The melodies of guitar and keyboard filled our campus as students immersed themselves in the Music classes. With unwavering passion and dedication, they mastered fundamental techniques and brought popular songs to life, showcasing their musical talents with resounding harmony.


Sports became the heart and soul of the camp, as our students received expert coaching in cricket, basketball, and volleyball. Their exceptional teamwork, sportsmanship, and outstanding skills on the field brought electrifying energy and excitement to the entire experience.


In pursuit of holistic development, our young learners eagerly embraced invigorating yoga sessions. Through various asanas and exercises, they discovered newfound flexibility, strength, and a sense of inner calm. The sessions left them energized and rejuvenated, ready to take on any challenge.


The grand finale of the camp was a dazzling pool party, filled with laughter, fun, and lifelong memories. Our pupils enjoyed in the refreshing poolside ambiance, forging deep connections with their friends, and embracing the sheer joy of being together.


Additionally, we organized exhilarating sports competitions for students in Classes VI to VIII, where they showcased remarkable sportsmanship, talent, and unwavering determination. Their commitment and passion were truly inspiring, leaving us in awe of their achievements.


We couldn't be prouder of all the students who participated in the Summer Camp. Their tremendous growth, both academically and in their extracurricular pursuits, was a testament to their remarkable dedication and spirit. The camp was an enriching experience that will forever hold a special place in their hearts.