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COVID -19 Information

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Vaccination Camp

New Rainbow Public School, Ghaziabad organised free vaccination camp thrice, in the month of January and February for the students in the age group of 15 to18 years against COVID-19. First camp was initiated on Saturday 8th January, 2022. Health officials were invited to administer vaccine to the students. During these unprecedented times, vaccination continues to be the best way to protect children from this dreadful disease. 170 students from NRPS as well as students of other neighbouring schools got their immunization done. 2nd vaccination camp was arranged on 26 January 2022 wherein 70 students got their immunization done. In this series, third vaccination camp was arranged on 8 Feb, 2022 to give 2nd dose. 120 students were given their second jabs by the medical officials. If we want to defeat corona, then it is necessary to get ourselves vaccinated, vaccine is our protective shield to fight the corona pandemic. All the standard safety procedures were observed during this camp. The vaccination drive was successfully completed with the support and cooperation of students and their guardians.