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Investiture Ceremony, 2023
May 29,2023

Investiture Ceremony, 2023


New Rainbow Public School held its grand Investiture Ceremony on the auspicious day of May 29, 2023. This highly anticipated event marked a significant milestone for the school community as it symbolized the transfer of leadership responsibilities to a new generation of students. The ceremony commenced with a solemn lamp lighting ritual by Principal ma’am and Director Ma’am, an emblematic representation of the enlightenment of knowledge and wisdom that would guide the newly appointed leaders in their roles.


The Investiture Ceremony marked the pinnacle of a series of captivating events that unfolded over the past week. The process commenced with an engaging voting phase, during which the students exercised their democratic rights to elect the deserving head boy and head girl. The candidates underwent rigorous interviews, meticulously conducted by coordinators and the discerning school principal, ensuring their impeccable suitability for these significant roles.

One of the highlights of the ceremony was the bestowal of badges upon the deserving individuals who had been appointed as student council members, house captains, and vice captains from the school's four distinguished houses - Astha, Sanskar, Sabhyata, and Sanskriti. 


The Investiture Ceremony also witnessed the prestigious honour of the head boy and head girl positions being conferred upon two outstanding individuals. Kavay Sharma was appointed as the head boy, while Veenita Jangra was bestowed with the esteemed title of head girl. Their names resonated with pride and admiration as they received their badges, symbolizing their elevated responsibilities and exceptional leadership qualities.


To add a touch of artistic flair to the ceremony, the school's talented choir group took center stage, captivating the audience with a heartfelt rendition of the school song. Their melodious voices reverberated through the hall, evoking a sense of unity, pride, and school spirit. Additionally, an enthralling dance performance enthralled the attendees, showcasing the artistic talents and creativity of the students.


An integral part of the Investiture Ceremony was the solemn oath-taking ceremony. The newly appointed leaders, donning their badges, stood before their peers and recited a pledge, vowing to uphold the values and responsibilities entrusted to them.


In her address, the principal commended the appointed leaders for their exceptional qualities and encouraged them to lead by example. She emphasized the importance of unity, collaboration, and fostering a sense of belonging among the student body. The principal's words resonated deeply with the students, instilling a renewed sense of purpose and motivation.